Masacote January Class Schedule

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We close for winter break Dec 14-Jan 9.

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Tuesdays & Thursdays

Salsa NY Style On 2 Classes, Split Levels
    * Stage 1 Salsa 9:00-10:30pm; Coach -- Ana Masacote
    * Stage 2 Salsa 7:30-9:00pm; Coach -- Ana Masacote
    * Stage 3 Salsa 8:30-10:00pm; Coach -- Aaron Damus
    * Stage 4 Salsa 8:30-10:00pm; Coach -- Joel Masacote

    * Intro to Afro Cuban Movement 10:00-10:50pm; Coach -- Aaron Damus


Cuban Movement, All Levels
    * 7:30-8:30pm; Coach -- Aaron Damus
Intro to Latin Music Percussion, Stage 1
    * 8:30-9:30pm; Coach -- Aaron Damus
Music Performance 2.5 Month Intensive, Starting Jan 14
    * 8:30-10:30pm; Coach -- Aaron Damus

Kizomba/Semba Intensive 8Wk Course, Starting Jan 28
    * 8:30-9:30pm; Coach -- Phillyp Chanlatte

Private Lesson Rates -- Email to Schedule

    * Staff -- Ana Masacote ($100; floor fee included)
    * Staff -- Joel Masacote ($100; floor fee included)
    * Staff -- Aaron Damus ($70; floor fee included)

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